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It's about time Narwhals get some praise.


I can see why alot of people get mad at this movie, but I find it hilarious. Were you the one that made the song for it? If so, I love it even more. Either way, nice work.

PowerRangerYELLOW responds:

Yes, i did make every sound that appears in the flash. Also heres the lryics.

----------The Gayest Showdowns Lyrics------------------------

Godzilla stomps all over neo Tokyo while a couple kids masterbate to naruto.

This is the gayest showdown that newgrounds ever seen.

Good guys, Bad guys and fruit hats as far as i can see.

There are a buncha guys in stupid costumes. Beating the shit out of each other as far as i can see.

Than I'm gonna work in. Work in some power rangers. Because your gonna vote five cause you love power rangers.

And than there's batman and...... he's doing stuff.

Than from the heavens came. a guy named chuck norris.

He than puts his thumb up his ass.

Well fuck that and fuck chuck norris.

I'am done.


I felt really bad for frosty. This was a sad sad film.

However I did laugh hard at the ending. ;D

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Words cannot describe how this game captured my heart. As soon as I clicked play, I saw a flyingpizzakitty. Not sure as to how something this great was possible, I inspected further.

The gameplay, while simplistic, was challenging at the same time. A whimsical feat on your part. As I flew my kitty, I came upon two mechanical lifeforms. Not sure what to do, I chose one of them. It seems my foolhardy choice caused this being his life, as he exploded into a ball of fire and smoke. I quickly hit replay, and came back upon these two again. I chose the correct one this time, as I won the prize.

The prize it's self was phenominal, wallpapers for my computer, any size was covered. The designs of the wallpapers themselves made me tear up at their sheer beauty. I felt butterflies in my stomach from their splendor.

The only fault on the game, was the lack of sound. However, this may have been it's biggest strength. The sound may have distracted you from the minor details. That would truly have been a shame.

All in all, I must say that this is one of the most fantastic games I've ever played. I look forward to spectacular games from you in the future.


I'm sure these tutorials would be helpful to a lot of people, however I feel that you could have made it a bit easier to read. That said, I suppose it fulfilled it's purpose.

robocopisback responds:

Yea, I know. Language Arts is not my favorite subject.


Really nice art, and a clever game. I really liked that you mixed up the obstacles rather than just having 1 or 2 of them. All around one of the nicest games I've played, and the music was undeniably good with the game.

Nice work. 5/5 10/10

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Very nice

Really intriguing idea, to take engine sounds and create a song with it. I must say you pulled it off very nicely and the song has a really nice flow. Good work.

pookicker responds:

I try to mix the sounds that I like with music and rythm. I'm glad you liked it!

really good

I'm about to go grab my DS and play some pokemon. Very good work.

Pure gold.

I don't think any song will ever come close to the amount of lulz this one has produced. Really good lyrics, and the music goes perfect with them.

The only thing that is better than this is the actual video. :D

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